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Herbs from the source —
grown in Paradise

Herbs from the


All our herbs and products come from the most beautiful areas of South East Asia. Professionally bred, handpicked and lovingly processed. Many years of experience and a team of professional and local employees give us the opportunity to use only the best ingredients. We do not just sell herbs, we live herbs…

Resin Extract
ExperiencePREMIUM Quality


Resins are high concentrated and very versatile, as they can be smoked in a Dab Rig or a good Vaporizer, at a 30x strength.


Did you know that Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) has been the best known sexual enhancer for centuries?


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What our customers say

Ich kann herbalcode absolut weiterempfehlen. Blue Lotus und Kanna sind unter anderem meine Favoriten. Weiterempfehlung!

Steffen Wenzler


After a hard time in my life I decided to give myself a healthy new begin. My sister suggested me this website and it's wonderful.

Marie Desailly

Marseille, France

I am in love with their blends and quality, everything is just so fresh and original - I feel great taking these herbs.

Rachel SImmers

New York, USA
100% natural
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