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Many years of experience and a team of professional and local employees give us the opportunity to use only the best ingredients. We do not just sell herbs, we live herbs…


Sunrise on leaves

Our Mission

We all know how rare and sacred good quality herbs are, and what effect they can have on us. When we realized the abundance in Asia the opportunity to supply the world we formed herbalcode, to be able to bring the joy into your life as well! Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations. Our product range is tailored to satisfy our customers needs and pains. It starts with giving you an easy to overlook website that works on all mobile devices, and ends with delivering the freshest and most genuine product possible. We are happy to serve every customer personally, no matter if you are a user, or a shop owner!

Our Philosophy

We work only directly with farmers. We don’t work with any agents where we can’t oversee the whole growing, drying and extracting process. So from the finished fresh product into your hands there is only us, and a very short time span.


Committed to Quality

All Herbs and their Extracts are grown and produced in Thailand in an amazing “National Park” like environment. Due to the wildcrafted farming style there is no need for fertilization, which makes our products beyond “certified organic”! Mature plants get harvested, sun dried or fermented, and then extracted in the same location. We will deliver the freshest, strongest and most aromatic products to you guaranteed!

Let’s change the way we unwind

We live in a world where our surrounding tries to constantly scare and intimidate us. The result is: worried people that suffer from things like depressions and insomnia. The conventional way out is using prescription drugs. Next thing you know you have an addiction problem on top of the depressions and insomnia. You don’t have to play the ugly game that the pharmaceutical companies are playing. By studying and understanding our customers needs we figured out solutions to control withdrawals as well as let you relax or sleep, exactly when you want to. Please contact us to talk about a custom solution for you!

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