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About Bala (Sida cordifolia)

Bala (Sida cordifolia)

The bala ayurvedic herb has been used for beautifying functions since the traditional times. In written material, bala is one amongst the necessary herbs, that is employed for varied functions like weight loss, skin glowing, boosting physical stamina, body building, aphrodisiac, etc. The herb enhances the sweetness together with Ashoka and Shatavari. The plant originated in Asian country and state. Stem and roots square measure the a part of the plant that is employed as medication.

Bala benefits and uses

Weight loss

The ayurvedic herb contains stimulant alkaloids, that plays a vital role in shedding of additional fats therefore sensible for weight loss.


A plaster created from Bala, Jatamansi, Amalaki and Kushtha is applied to hair to push the expansion of hair.
Skin glowing: it’s aforementioned that since the traditional times,  cordifolia has been wont to increase the sweetness of kings and queen. The herb enhances the sweetness together with Ashoka and Shatavari.


it’s sensible to live chest congestion and useful just in case of respiratory disease and bronchial asthma.

Vata disorders

it’s thought of because the best nervine tonic and rejuvenative for every kind of Vata disorders.


The simmering of its root is extremely useful for T.B., particularly once smitten drawn butter and honey.


The regular use of this herb is useful in overcoming of inflammatory disease and joint pains. It additionally helps to cut back the stiffness of joints.

Sperm count

the employment of this healthful herb is useful to extend each quality and amount of gamete, therefore useful just in case of male and feminine sterility. It additionally controls pre ejaculation of sperms.


it’s quite effective for piles. The toasted leaves square measure typically wont to treat haemorrhage piles.
Swelling: The massage with its oil is nice in swelling. The crushed leaves also are used for wound dressing.

10 healthful uses of sida cordifolia

It is used as analgesic, medicinal drug and hypoglycaemic agent.
Since it’s medicinal drug, it’s wont to treat inflammation of wounds.
Bala is drug and stimulates central system.
It s used as rejuvenative, nourishing and stimulant of the center.
It is used as milk simmering with sugar to boost the final health and curb the sexual unfitness.
The use of country bush is taken as immunity boosting food.
Since, it’s anabolic to muscle tissue, that leads it to 1 of the most effective supplements for athletes.
In case of facial palsy, dysfunction and spondylosis, its medicated oil is employed as massage. The massage of it additionally helps to extend tonicity.
It helps to get rid of excess secretion from the body.
It is used as drug i.e. helps to extend the quantity of piss excretion.

Nutritional facts of Bala

Sida cordifolia has some necessary bio-chemical substances like fatty oils, phytosterol, resin, rosin acids, mucin, saltpetre, ephedra, alkaloid, sterculic acid, malvalic acid, saponine, hypaphorine, hexadecanoic acid, octadecanoic acid, etc.

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