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About Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is an excellent detoxifier. Helps digestion in cases of flatulence, lactose intolerance, etc. while cleansing the body of heavy metals. Lowers cholesterol levels and is good for hangovers.

Activated charcoal is a special kind of charcoal that’s created porous by process at very high temperatures.

Historically, it’s been used for cleanup water. throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, scientists showed the effectuality of carbon as AN counterpoison for poisoning in medical emergencies. The information of the applications of carbon has been evolving, thus has been the method of “activation.”

Typically, carbon-rich materials like tree branches ANd shells square measure burnt at a awfully heat to get an odorless black fine powder (charcoal). additional process involves passing it consistently through a series of chemicals like gas, steam, bound acids, et al at a awfully heat. This method makes the fabric additional porous in nature.

The resultant increase in extent makes the carbon a wonderful adsorbent. The molecules of poisons and bound chemicals square measure entrapped within the crevices on the surface of carbon, for the most part by physical and to some extent by the physical phenomenon.

Applications of carbon

Activated charcoal traps chemicals and prevents their absorption within the body. a spread of the uses of carbon is attributed to its adsorbent properties.

Emergency poisonous substance removal

Activated charcoal is most generally used as AN emergency treatment of poisoning. Overdoses of prescribed drugs like sedatives still as over-the-counter medicines like analgesics may be treated with 50-100 grams of carbon mixed with water or sugared liquid.

The temporal arrangement of carbon administration is of overriding importance. once administered among 5 minutes of drug activity, the probabilities of harm square measure decreased . The longer the period of the drug o.d. and also the administration of carbon, the upper the probabilities of drug absorption into the circulation.

In bound cases, physicians additionally use multiple indefinite quantity regimens of carbon for complete demolition of poisons from the gut. However, carbon has restricted effectuality as AN counterpoison in cases of significant metal poisoning.

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Activated charcoal doesn’t sorb grain alcohol, and hence, it’s not a treatment of selection in cases of alcohol poisoning. However, as alcohol is typically consumed as a mix with alternative liquids, carbon will cut back harmful effects of those liquids, and thereby cut back the severity of alcohol poisoning symptoms. Some physicians additionally contemplate it to be helpful in preventing a hangover.


Patients with trimethylaminuria (a genetic condition characterised by the funny smell of pee, sweat, and breath) will enjoy the utilization of carbon. the buildup of odorous trimethylamine may be reduced by sorption with carbon once systematic multiple dosing regimens. to boot, carbon additionally finds its use within the alleviation of gas and bloating once consumption of gas-producing meals.

Cholesterol Levels

Scientists additionally found carbon to be useful in reducing sterol levels across many clinical studies. digestive juice acids and high-fat content from food were adsorbable on the surface of carbon within the gut. This, in turn, reduced the absorption of fat from the gut. Moreover, lipoprotein (LDL, “bad cholesterol”) level was reduced, and alpha-lipoprotein (HDL, “good cholesterol”) level was multiplied in one study.

Water Filtration

The traditional application of carbon as a water preparation remains relevant these days. halide and alternative significant metals square measure effectively removed with the assistance of carbon filters. However, it’s not helpful for removal of viruses and microorganism from water. Therefore, fashionable water purifiers contain multiple filter parts targeted for various impurity sorts.

Teeth lightening

It is additionally helpful as a teeth bleaching agent. Brushing the teeth with carbon power doubly per week will facilitate lightening the teeth stained from long-run consumption of tea, coffee, or wine. carbon is additionally claimed to be effective in treating skin ailments like skin problem, and additionally in treating snake bites, albeit the reliableness of those claims isn’t well-documented clinically. Moreover, it’s additionally typically used as menage mold-cleaning agent for the floors, arduous surfaces, and edges.

Despite varied evidenced still as anecdotal edges of carbon, each instance of its use ought to be protected by the fine medical judgment to avoid any unwarranted complications.

Activated charcoal shouldn’t be used while not consultation with a medical scientist. Also, aspiration of the substance into the lungs will cause severe complications. The nasogastric position should be confirmed with a chest X-ray before administering carbon. Lastly, carbon ought to lean among one to two hours of poisoning.

Declared by the World Health Organization as an essential basic medication. Used since ancient times and in use today by many industries for its great range of applications. As air and water purifier, metal extraction and more. Can be used in case of emergency.

Benefits of Activated Carbon:

  • Diarrhea
  • Intestinal gas
  • Kidney health
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Skin care
  • Skin infection

Activated carbon can help clear toxins and drugs that include:

  • NSAID and other OTC anti-inflammatories
  • Sedatives
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Dapsone
  • Tegretol
  • Malaria medications
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