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About African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii)

African Dream Herb
African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii)

African Dream Herb increases awareness during REM and memory during dreams. By excellence it is the lucid dream herb of choice. Generally the meat of the seed is consumed raw or as coffee substitute and has been used for centuries as such and as a good luck amulet.

Entada rheedii seeds are referred to as African Dream Herb beans or ocean beans. they’re giant flat seeds, shiny semi-sweet chocolate in color. they’ll be found washed abreast of beaches throughout the globe, most often on the geographic area of southern Africa.

Originally Entada rheedii seeds come back from trees and vines that seem from close to port (South Africa) northward throughout tropical Africa and into Asian country, Asia and Australia. The seeds fall from their parent plant into waterways like rivers, then drift through inlets to succeed in the ocean. They float due to the inner pocket inside the seed.

The terribly giant seeds ar carried or worn on necklaces and pendants as lucky charms or talismans. Some say that smart luck begins inside a pair of hours of receiving associate Entada rheedii bean. however tobacco made of the white within this seed has been used for ages to assist induce vivid dreaming.


African Dream Herb seeds contain as much as 18% essential oils, making it a complex composition of alkaloids, terpenes, antioxidants and many more phytochemicals. It finds its use deeply rooted in Asian and African traditional medicine, for it’s great range of uses. It is also believed that it helps to build a bridge to the spirit world by the ancient tribes that first enjoyed Entada rheedii.


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