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About Areca Nut (Areca catechu)

Areca Nut
Areca Nut (Areca catechu)

Areca Nut is the oldest known recreational herb with psychoactive properties. It’s practise dates back to prehistoric times. Sought after for it stimulant and appetite suppressing effects, similar to a mild dose of amphetamine. It goes well with psilocybin.

Betel nut is a combination of 3 ingredients. folks roll tiny items of the nut from betel palm, a lot of usually referred to as areca, in an exceedingly leaf from the tracheophyte} vine, then add pulverised hydrated lime or sedimentary rock paste, and chew it. The substance is in style in sure elements of the planet, primarily Asia and Africa, as a narcotic because of its mind-blowing and stimulant effects. Some parts of areca nut have medicine properties, however very little proof supports its use for any therapeutic purpose, per the U.S. National Institutes of Health. to boot, areca nut use will worsen high or low pressure level and irregular vital sign, similarly as bronchial asthma. Chronic use could increase the chance of sure cancers. The office notes that harmful effects of areca nut could outweigh any potential advantages.

Stroke Recovery

Betel nut extract could also be helpful for stroke recovery, in keeping with InteliHealth. enhancements are noted in speech, bladder management and muscle strength in patients taking edible seed extract, though InteliHealth explains that studies to this point are little and imperfect.


Preliminary analysis indicates enhancements in symptoms for dementia praecox patients UN agency take edible seed, in keeping with the office. commonplace dementia praecox medications turn out unpleasant facet effects, supply additional efforts to get new treatments, however the office notes that edible seed additionally made facet effects of tremors and stiffness within the dementia praecox analysis.

Cavity hindrance

Betel nut could have medicament effects, and it antecedently was enclosed as a dentifrice ingredient for preventing cavities, in keeping with InteliHealth. as a result of its deadly effects, however, edible seed is probably going less helpful than alternative therapeutic agents for dental functions.

Dry Mouth Relief

People who chew edible seed tend to provide massive amounts of secretion, in keeping with InteliHealth. this might facilitate individuals with xerostomia caused by health conditions like polygenic disease and Sjogren’s syndrome. InteliHealth explains that safer medications square measure offered to alleviate this symptom.

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